• New Milton Foot Clinic


    18 Whitefield Rd, New Milton, BH25 6DF         Tel 01425 638474   

Our Treatments and Prices  

Whatever you feet feel or look like, whatever your lower limb problems, we are here to help.

Your feet in safe hands.


Our Standard Treatments:-

 Full Podiatry Treatment:-   £32

This covers all essential treatment Including nail cutting, thinning down of thickened nails, corn and callus removal, treatment of ingrown toenails, dressings, padding and advice.

 Nail Cutting:-   £20

This is for those who would like someone to do their nails for them, perhaps because they simply cannot reach or maybe because their Diabetic. We trim, file, clean and thin down thickened nails. 

Biomechanical Assessment:-    £50

This is a gait and posture assessment, to establish whether orthotics will help the presenting problem. We either modify off the shelf orthotics or order prescription orthotics.

 Nail Surgery:-  From £250.00

Permanent resolution of a problematic ingrowing toenail by removing part or the whole of the nail plate under local anaesthetic.

 We also provide many other services:-

Diabetic foot assessment and Care

Removal of Corns/Callus 

Verruca Treatment

Treatment for Fungal Nails and Athlete's Foot 

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